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05 Feb

Free Data data recovery software

Free Data data recovery software

Most people when they are facing Data Loss the first thing they do is search for Free Data data recovery software. I wish to warn you that this tools may work or not, and heavily rely on expert skills , East African Data Handlers are the Best Data Recovery Company in Kenya and Africa . The Danger of  trying to do it by yourself are , you may damage your device or even corrupt the lost data never to recover it.
Before  you start searching for this questions:
1) data recovery software free download
2) data recovery software for windows 7
3) recuva data recovery software
4) data recovery software for windows 10
5) best data recovery software
6) free unlimited data recovery software
7) data recovery software mac
8) deleted file recovery software free

Take a moment and ask yourself are you ready to gamble with your data recovery process, are you skilled enough to do the actual data recovery?   If you are at this state please Call now 0711 051 000 or visit www.datarecovery.co.ke .

Some Common Free Data data recovery software

Below is a list of some of  the Free Data data recovery software:   but the issue is, if you are not an expert you will damage your recovery process. Below are five most know

Five FREE Data Data Recovery Software
#1 – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: The Best to Easily Recover Files FAST.
#2 – MiniTool Power Data Recovery FREE – The Runner Up.
#3 – Disk Drill.
#4 – Recuva – Recover Anything From Anywhere.
#5 – UnDeleteMyFiles Pro.

Contact us now:

Call now 0711 051 000. We are the Data recovery Experts in Kenya and Africa.
Do not Suffer in Silence we can help.  We are located at Chiromo Court 3rd floor Nairobi Kenya.

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10 Oct

Data Loss and Data Recovery Mechanism

Data Loss and Data Recovery Mechanism

Data loss and Data Recovery Mechanism in kenya is an inevitable event that can happen to anyone from an individual PC user to professionals who use it in their offices. Therefore, to overcome data loss, people usually create and maintain the backup of their data. However, despite their best efforts to secure data, data loss occurs. In the past one decade, it is observed that one of the major causes for business loss in companies is data loss. Their unplanned and unstructured way of preserving the precious data has shut down a lot of small to medium-sized companies in the past two years.

Our Data Recovery Service are :

 Desktop Recovery
 Laptop Recovery
 Hard Drive Recovery
 RAID Recovery
 Server Recovery
 Encrypted Data Recovery
 Operating System Recovery
 Digital Photo Recovery
 Database Recovery
 File Recovery
 Forgotten Password Recovery
 Ransomware Recovery Services
 Server Recovery
 Tape Recovery
 Email Recovery
 Mobile Phone Data Recovery Kenya
 Computer Forensics Services

Some of the Causes of Data loss are.

 power loss.
 Human error.
 Logical or hardware failure.
 Natural disaster
 Viruses.


At East Africa Data Handlers LTD, we carry out an evaluation before doing any recovery of the RAID system and give a comprehensive diagnostic report of what we feel can be recovered. This helps the clients to make an informed decision when giving a go ahead for the Raid Recovery process.

What to do when experiencing Data Loss.

At East Africa Data Handlers LTD, we carry out an evaluation before doing any recovery of the RAID system and give a comprehensive diagnostic report of what we feel can be recovered. This helps.

Our Services

We are proud to provide you with full Data Recovery Service coverage to any part of Kenya; NairobiMombasaKisumu, Eldoret. Data Loss is only temporary and we prove it every day with the highest Hard Drive Recovery Success rate in Kenya. We Recover Data in Kenya from the Following Devices; Hard DrivesLaptopsDesktopsRaid SystemsRAID / NAS / SAN , ServersMemory Cards, Flash Drives, DatabasesSSD Drives etc

East African Data Handlers ltd no data – no charge policy means you owe us nothing if we are unable to recover your critical files.

Contact us now

If you’ve lost valuable, irreplaceable data — We can save it! Call us now at 0711 051 000 or visit our offices Chiromo Court 3rd Floor Westlands


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02 Jul

Raid Data Recovery in Kenya

Little do many of us know, RAID technology plays a huge part in our technological lives, and data storage and everything that is built upon it wouldn’t be possible without it. RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks, and it is represents a major portion of data storage schemes that divide and replicate data among many drives. The dividing and replicating of data is known as striping. The multiple drives then work together as a single unit, and deliver required data as effectively as possible, while storing the data as securely as possible. Let’s back things up a bit and define a few important terms to help us categorize different levels of RAID technology.

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