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09 Nov

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services or Services for Digital Forensics

The Forensic Technology Solutions team of East African Data Handlers offers a wide range of services, including Cyber Security Services, Data Analytics, Information Governance, and Digital Forensics.
To effectively meet the objectives of our customers, we offer a distinctive approach to complex commercial dispute and investigation situations.

More than 350 committed forensic technology professionals work for our international practice across African nations. We assist clients in managing enormous amounts of electronic data, navigating legal and administrative processes, and maximizing the value of information assets thanks to our experience in international markets and our dedication to industry-specific support.

Our forensic technology specialists can provide the following services thanks to high-tech  facilities and a main laboratory and data center in Nairobi Kenya:

Forensic Services

Computer forensics or Digital Forensics

  • Criminal investigation (imaging of electronic devices, mobile devices, computers, laptops and servers)
  • Getting emails or folders off of servers
  • Recovery and reconstruction of data (Deleted file analysis)
  • Creating Investigative Support Systems
  • Investigating Phishing
  • Forensics of mobile devices
  • E-discovery management, litigation support, and solutions
  • Planning for Cyber Forensic Readiness Analysis of Malware and Key loggers

Electronic Research or Electronic Discovery

  • Electronic consultation with evidence
  • Collection, preservation, and identification
  • Processing, looking for, and analyzing
  • Technology-aided evaluation
  • Revelation and creation

Analytics of Data

  • Data Mining for Research Objectives
  • Analytics for fraud to spot trends, patterns, and possible fraud
  • Analytics of user access to private databases
  • Purchasing analysis, the two types of transactions are Continuous Transaction Monitoring, Database Forensics, and Data Analytics
  • Interactive dashboards and visual data analytics that clearly convey the data
  • Analyzing company data to better characterize, forecast, and enhance performance

Our Strategy for eDiscovery


You will receive help from our team of specialists in locating and gathering information and documents to satisfy discovery requirements. This comprises:

  • Identifying your company’s data sources. Recognize the company’s data sources and IT environment.
  • Detailed data tracking for each of the selected data sources


Production of data in multiple formats accurately and on time:

  • Productions in native, TIFF, or hybrid modes
  • Numbering and endorsements for Bates
  • Highlights and redactions are fully supported.
  • Support for a variety of court proceedings
  • Complete EDRM XML compliance


The discovery team for East African Data Handlers will establish a procedure that will enable the traceability of the data gathered from the company’s systems.

  • For the purpose of ensuring that no data was lost during extraction, all data will be extracted using tools with logging capabilities. To facilitate data validation and ensure that data was not changed after extraction, files will be signed using the MD5 hash.


Securely and effectively condensing gathered data to a reviewable set.

East African Data Handlers is able to scale and adapt each project to the specific requirements that the case necessitates using a multi-platform approach. The project is managed in close cooperation with an outside counsel. All data-related actions are completely documented so that any queries from the opposition’s legal team, the regulator, or the courts may be addressed.

For every data, we uphold a rigid chain of custody. The procedures we use are intended to increase the effectiveness of outside counsel’s evaluation. Key applications include:

  • With concept-based clustering, data visualization, and filtering technologies, advanced search is possible.
  • Based on statistical similarities across documents, close to de-duplication
  • Sophisticated graphic tools with a concept-based approach
  • Superior email analytics
  • Advanced language proficiency

Lookup & Review

Creating a safe space for collaboration between clients’ legal teams and themselves during a legal review

  • Clustering and search based on concepts
  • Multiple party assessments at various access levels are part of sophisticated encryption and security systems that contain tow function identification and limited access.
  • Support for native, mixed-mode, and tiff file formats in local and batch production
  • Complete set of project management reports, including statistics for reviews
  • Complete highlighting, redaction, and annotation
  • Issue tagging and bulk smart issue coding the whole audit trail
  • Adaptable reports
Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

Our digital forensic investigation services will be useful to the following people:

Basically, any business has a reasonably complicated IT and computer architecture. Numerous organizations have made headlines after being subjected to harmful attacks. However, sometimes problems can go unreported since some businesses would rather keep the issue quiet.

The following organizations and roles are typical candidates for our digital forensic investigations services:

  • Enterprises engaged in manufacturing and industrial processing, public authorities
  • Medical practices and health organizations
  • Companies that produce technology and have IP to protect
  • Power supply and distribution companies
  • Operations in supply chain management
  • Ecommerce businesses
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29 Jun



These days businesses are being faced with data protection challenges due to threats caused by anything, including ransomware, malware, data breaches, and loss. In a poll conducted in 2021, about half of healthcare IT respondents claimed that phishing was the cause of the biggest security flaws.

Healthcare data is more important than typical corporate data because it powers the systems that keep hospitals and healthcare facilities running, contains potentially life-saving electronic health records, and even resides in the numerous equipment that make healthcare possible. In fact, the healthcare industry had the highest growth in malware assaults on internet-connected devices in the last year, or the “internet of things,” as it’s known.

Ransomware-related Cyber Attacks being a huge contributor to data protection challenges

Ransomware-related Cyber Attacks have increased significantly during the past two years, tripling, or by a staggering 755%. The environment is challenging to manage because of the vulnerabilities in the wide range of technologies used in healthcare settings, including proprietary devices and difficult-to-update older record systems. The global pandemic’s stressors haven’t helped either, making it even more crucial to reduce the dangers of data loss and breach. System administrators and cyber security specialists should remember to “Be prepared” in this situation. The best defense still consists of backups, patching systems, and, of course, consulting specialists when data is at danger.

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28 Jun

The Black Hole called Social Media

The Black Hole called Social Media
The advancement in Industry 4.0 and Web 2.0 technologies has significantly increased the acceptance of social media platforms and it has become a primary source of socialization. Users actively share their information, create accounts, and get engage in social forms through these sites. As a result, hackers are exposed to various opportunities to exploit user’s account
The following are some types of social media crimes.
1. Hacking social media
2. Photo Morphing social media
3. Offer & Shopping Scams social media
4. Dating Scams social media
5. Cyber bullying social media
6. Link Baiting social media
Social media forensics involves the application of cyber investigation and digital analysis techniques for: Collecting information from social networking platforms such as –Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Storing,
  • Analyzing, and
  • Preserving the information for fighting a case in the court of law
Having a Case that involves Social media? We can help extract information.
Dial.  +254 722 435 163 or +254 711 051 000.
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22 Jun

9 Reasons Digital Fraud Is On The Rise

9 Reasons Digital Fraud Is On The Rise.

What Is Digital Fraud? Digital fraud is when criminals try to use email, websites, malicious software or other methods to learn your personal details or trick you into paying . Digital fraud entails the use of phishing emails, phony websites, bogus mobile apps, fake social media profiles, and other mechanisms to illegally obtain information and defraud consumers and businesses

1: Chaos caused by the global COVID-19 crisis.

Opportunistic hackers are taking advantage of the chaotic, global crisis to commit even more fraudulent activity. There is an extensive monitoring going on done by hackers as people work from home with the lockdown, all their digital payments are being monitored, communications and any other activity, hence digital fraud is becoming more rampant.

2: A changing e-commerce landscape.

Another trend impacting the rise in digital fraud is more retail purchases shifting online.

3: The advent of new marketplace platforms.

From social networks and dating apps to food delivery, alternative transportation, and vacation rentals, digital channels have revolutionized almost every industry. This new platforms are creating stepping stones for trails for digital fraud with baits being set by hackers to lure users with fake pseudo accounts look as if they are genuine.

4: Payments moving online.

In addition to consumers transacting more in online marketplaces, they are also using peer-to-peer payment (P2P) and e-Wallet apps more often. The easiest way a digital fraud takes place is interception of the P2P by hackers to divert the funds.

5:Increasingly digital banking services.

Today’s consumers demand more online and mobile services from their financial institutions. As a result, legacy banks are going digital. This is opening a Pandora box for hackers to take advantage of loopholes for applications that are not secure enough causing digital fraud to take place.

6: New consumer expectations.

Today’s consumers also expect their data to be secure. Yet they will abandon any transaction that takes too long, requires too much data, or is too complex. Whenever a consumer ignores to fully comply to the terms and conditions that help secure a transaction this leads to digital fraud taking place as hackers intercept this  incomplete transactions and change credentials.

7:More sophisticated fraud tactics.

Due to an increasing number of data breaches over recent years, fraudsters can more easily access PII (personally identifiable information) and use it against consumers.

8:Unclear legal jurisdiction of cross-border fraud.

Global commerce gives today’s online retailers and marketplaces an opportunity to reach even more customers.

9:Technological advancements.

Today, digital fraud has also accelerated and grown even more sophisticated due to the rise of e-commerce, mobile payments, and computing power.

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16 Feb

Digital Forensic Laboratory

Digital Forensic Laboratory

A digital forensics lab, or otherwise computer forensics lab, refers to a designated location or facility where digital forensics investigations are conducted. In a computer forensics lab (CFL), the certified forensics examiner inspects intrusions, media, audio, intrusions, and any type of cybercrime evidence obtained from the crime scene.


At EADH’s Digital Forensic Lab we have a team that can help  or aid with an overall function to identify, seize, acquire and analyze all electronic devices related to all cyber-enabled offences reported so as to collect digital evidence which  later can be presented to  the court of law for prosecution purposes.


Our experts  always analyze computer hard drives (workstations, servers, laptops etc.) to look for everything from ex-filtration of data, retrieving data that may be deleted or otherwise maliciously deleted by a user.  We have the  capacity to recovery this evidence from computer storage media.


Mobile Phone can hold evidence , hence  mobile device forensic analysis  is very vital , in this  smartphones, tablets and other portable devices,   to retrieve any deleted text messages, call logs, documents, mobile browser history, etc. Our team with the help of our special tools, can help do retrieval of data from GPS units, phone system, iPod, mp3 players, USB sticks and flash drives, SD cards, etc.


Malware  analysis  and removal team , support with the study of how the trends of malware and find solutions to remove them. Most in this area related to ransomware cases which we can help do decryption and document the source of train


As a both Private and public consultant EADH has a team  of experts who get hired for jobs ( Tasks ) related to Cyber security incidents when they occur. Major roles are : Offer Investigation and analysis, check any security breaches or intrusion incidents, Managing any form  of internal communications and updates during or immediately after incidents, determine what  may have mitigated an incident, offer best recommendations for what technology to use, and help draw policy for clients.


In this area our team trace  any E-mail , Social media investigations;  any authentications done and all the messages related to a case are not tampered with or forged. With the help of our Data Recovery team they recover deleted messages from servers, laptops, desktops and any digital electronic devices.


We can do any identification, coordination  and trace  of all emerging issues within the digital forensics field for you as a client. What it takes us is to identify , assess and train your team after an incident.



  • We do Digital Forensic examination of computer and mobile phones
  • Help client  preserve and  maintenance of lab processes of acquisition, archival and analysis
  •  Provide solution for  inventories of digital evidence as per standards/ ISO
  • Trace any analysis of deleted and active files
  •  Location and analysis of data in ambient data sources
  • Recovery of deleted or encrypted data/emails, SMS, MMS, videos, internet sites
  • Uncovering passwords
  • Forensic sim card analysis
  • Extraction of data from mobile phones
  • Presentation of expert forensic evidence in court
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