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Computer Forensic Service In Kenya is an incredibly important process for investigating and identifying fraudulent events or other forms of suspicious activities that may have taken place on digital storage devices that contain important information. This process involves a wide range of tasks, including the examination, analysis, extraction, and preservation of evidence found on these devices. Ultimately, this evidence can be presented in a court of law to help determine the truth of a situation and identify those who may be responsible for any illegal or unethical behaviors that were detected.

Computer and Cyber Forensics Services Kenya

At EADH, we’re proud to offer our clients unparalleled expertise and guidance when it comes to computer forensic Service in Nairobi,Kenya. Our team of highly trained professionals will utilize all available legal evidence found on computers, digital storage devices, and other media to get to the bottom of any incidents, helping clients to better understand how an intrusion occurred and who may be responsible. Whether you’re facing a difficult legal challenge or simply want to stay ahead of potential threats, our computer forensics services can help you to achieve your goals and protect your interests.

Why do you need forensics services?

Given the rapid evolution of computers and mobile phones, cybercrime incidents have seen a sharp rise in recent times. As such, it has become increasingly clear that having a reliable and thorough forensics service in place is crucial. In fact, forensics services have become quite necessary after any type of intrusion event because the information gathered can help organizations understand how the intrusion occurred, what the extent of the damage is, and potentially identify the culprit responsible for the intrusion.

Fortunately, EADH has a dedicated and fully prepared forensics team that is equipped to handle a wide range of investigative services based on an organization’s specific needs. This includes mobile forensics, computer forensics, and digital forensics, among others. By engaging EADH to handle the investigation, organizations can rest assured that they have engaged a capable team that will leave no stone unturned in uncovering the facts of the intrusion. Trust EADH to protect your organization from cybercrime.

Areas that require our Forensics Services

Workplace and Fraud Investigation

Workplace misconduct and fraudulent activity can take many forms in today’s digital age, often requiring forensic examination of computer systems and mobile devices in order to determine the extent of the wrongdoing. These abuses may range from relatively minor misuse of company internet connections to view inappropriate content, to the more serious offense of passing commercially sensitive information to competitors and even setting up a rival business in direct opposition to one’s employer.

Covert computer investigations can be a valuable tool in uncovering such activity, with a thorough examination of electronic transactions and other related documents often revealing evidence of fraudulent practices such as falsifying stock records or invoices. This highlights the importance of maintaining up-to-date computer security protocols, as well as the need for vigilance in identifying and addressing potential instances of workplace fraud in order to protect the financial wellbeing of the organization.

Intellectual Property Theft

In today’s digital age, the ease of transferring and sharing information has increased significantly thanks to technological advancements. The widespread use of flash drives and cloud storage for storing and accessing data has made it easier than ever before for individuals to copy and distribute information. However, this poses a significant challenge in terms of protecting intellectual property, as it is often difficult to monitor who has access to sensitive information and how it is being shared.

This is where the importance of forensic investigation comes into play. While employees may think that they can copy material without being detected, the reality is that thanks to the way computers work, such activities leave a digital trail that can be identified and traced. By conducting timely investigations, it is possible to gather evidence of any theft of information and take appropriate action to protect intellectual property.

As such, it is essential for organizations to stay vigilant in monitoring the transfer and sharing of data amongst their employees to safeguard their intellectual property rights effectively.

Computer Hacking Investigations

Businesses face the issue of unauthorized information access internally or externally. Hacking usually goes unnoticed unless there is evidence of data theft. Log files can record access data, but the evidence may be lost as logs are usually overwritten. Therefore, it’s crucial to act promptly when detecting issues to preserve information. It’s crucial to have an expert digital forensic specialist preserve evidence correctly, as it may result in evidence in court. Mishandling may risk the outcome of the case.

Expert Witnesses

In court cases where digital information is involved, an expert witness might be needed. They have special knowledge and experience and must be fair and impartial when giving information to the court. For example, a computer forensic expert witness might be needed if there are issues like theft, fraud, or hacking. They can help in many different types of cases, like employment disputes or criminal matters. Sometimes, both sides in a case might ask the expert witness to help them. In this case, the witness would explain what both sides agree on and what they don’t, to help the court make a decision.

Authentication of Files

Computers help people make documents that look professional. This is good for businesses. However, it can cause problems when you need to know if a document is real. For example, someone can change the date on a legal document like a will or contract to make it look like it was made earlier than it was. But a computer expert can look at the electronic copy of the document to see when it was really made and if it was changed. This is helpful if people disagree about if the document is real or not.

Mobile Technology

Digital information has become more widespread and mobile in recent years. Smartphones and tablets today have more storage and processing power than computers from the past. This makes it more likely that personal devices may be used for work purposes, with many companies adopting Bring Your Own Device policies. USB sticks and SD cards can also be used to easily carry and transfer large amounts of information. In cases where these devices are involved in a legal or disciplinary issue, it is important to use digital forensics to recover data without compromising it. Even if a device has been reset or formatted, it is still possible to recover data, but it must be done properly or the information may be useless as evidence.

Recovering Data

Electronic devices can store and erase data easily, but it’s difficult to completely delete information from them. EADH’s experts have experience in retrieving data from damaged devices. They use special tools to recover files or pieces of data without changing the data itself. Even recovered digital files have information about their history, creation dates, and past versions. Experts can also recover deleted emails, internet history, and uninstalled software. This is useful for legal issues and also for retrieving important business data from damaged or accidentally erased storage.


eDiscovery is a term used in legal situations where both parties have to exchange important records and information about the case. This information can be in different formats such as emails, documents, spreadsheets, and multimedia files. It can be a difficult process since there is a lot of data to go through, so experts such as EADH can help. They will search for and extract relevant information that can be used in the court case. These procedures can be used no matter the size of the company involved in the case.

Tracing Email

Email is now the most common way businesses communicate, rather than the phone. However, it can be hard to tell if the sender is real as it’s easy to create fake email accounts without proving who you are. People who want to cause trouble can also pretend to be someone else by making their email look like it came from a different address. It’s possible to find out where an email really comes from by looking into it more deeply.

Internet Investigation

We use the internet to do many things like make plans, shop and manage our money. But bad things can also happen on the internet like cyberbullying, stalking, lies on social media, stealing things that aren’t yours, and other bad stuff. It can be hard to investigate these things because some websites are in other countries. However, we can still find out who’s responsible for bad things by looking for clues online.

IT Control and Audit

Computers are important for most companies, but they are often installed without a plan. People buy what they need at the time and don’t think about how everything fits together. This is especially true for small businesses.

EADH can help. They audit the computer systems and help the company get control of everything. This is especially helpful after a big change like a merger or when the person who set up the systems leaves the company. By figuring out how everything is connected, businesses can keep things organized and under control with documentation and procedures.

Family Law

Digital forensic investigations are not only used for criminal or disciplinary reasons but can also help in family law cases. For instance, emails or text messages may show if someone has cheated on their spouse, and going through computer files could reveal if a child is being exposed to harmful content like grooming or pornography. It can also help find hidden assets during separation or inheritance disputes. Therefore, digital forensic investigations have importance in other legal areas beyond criminality.

Search Warrants

If you need information about a legal matter, sometimes the only option is to use the law to force someone to give it to you. The staff at EADH can assist by preparing and carrying out orders and warrants that allow them to find and collect the specific data needed.

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