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One of the finest Desktop Data Recovery in Nairobi,Kenya.A  expertised team to solve all Desktop Data issues.


The typical reasons for data loss are listed below:

A file or folder is accidentally deleted without a backup available. It happens due to lack of attention on the part of a user therefore files deleted accidentally can be irrecoverable if there is no backup.

  • Software failure can also occur in file editing software when updating multiple files of which some files fail to save or update and are afterwards deleted. In addition, Data can also become lost in the same way during backup.
  • Computer viruses can destroy data stored in hard drives and company network. Viruses can steal, corrupt, encrypt or delete significant data. Computer viruses typically include malware such as ransomware which block access to the data or expose publicly if a ransom is not paid.
  • Physical or mechanical defects in data storage devices, such as hard drives, can result from mishandling-induced hardware failure.


Worry not, East African Data Handlers has the best recovery software in East Africa to solve all your data recovery concerns.

The desktop recovery has the capability of recovering data from the following:

  • All Operating systems.
  • Hard drive failure
  • All desktop brands i.e. HP, Dell etc.
  • Trojans, worms and viruses
  • Deletion of data.


  • Shut down your computer.
  • If the data was erased, get in touch with East African Data Handlers’ specialists for assistance in recovering it.

  • Use of antivirus software which regularly scans your company’s computers and other devices as well giving alerts to detect a virus or an unauthorized software program.
  • Updating your company’s computer equipment plus software frequently before breakdown helps you avoid the loss of crucial data.

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