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Data Recovery Services in Kenya

Data Recovery Services in Kenya

East  African Data Handlers  provides professional data recovery services in Kenya. In Kenya we are the best and our  data recovery  engineers are able to fix your hard disk and recover valuable information. Our services are available in Nairobi, Machakos, Mombasa, Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisumu, and other  major towns.

What we do in Data Recovery

Are you a resident in Kenya, and need East African Data Handlers data recovery expertise? Our engineers specializes in data recovery and can help in recovering data from any RAID systems (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 2, RAID 3, RAID 4 and RAID 5), servers, network attached storage devices (NAS), laptop hard drives, desktop computer drives,  external drives, USB drives,   storage area network devices (SAN) and other storage media.

Some of the areas we do data recovery in Kenya are:

  • Desktop Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • SSD Data Recovery (Solid State Drive)
  • External Drive Data Recovery
  • NAS Data Recovery (Network Attached Storage)
  • Windows FAT and NTFS Recovery
  • Mac Data Recovery
  • RAID Data Recovery
  • SQL Database Recovery
  • CCTV DVR Data Recovery
  • USB Flash Drive Data Recovery
  • Memory Card Data Recovery
  • Linux Data Recovery
  • SAN Data Recovery (Storage Area Network)
  • Dell EMC Data Recovery
  • QuickBooks Data Recovery


Nairobi Data Recovery Services at our head office

Are you in Nairobi the capital city of Kenya? Has your hard drive failed? Do not despair,  for any hard drive that has crashed, failed, makes a clicking sounds or  even a grinding noises or could even be having a  malfunctioning error, at East African Data Handlers, our engineers will provide professional data recovery services as they have exceptional skills and are qualified to offer hard drive data recovery services for all the data loss situations caused due to:

  • You laptop dropped and doesn’t turn on
  • Sudden inaccessible drives and partitions
  • Having the blue screen of death
  • Ransomware, Malware or virus attacks and deletions
  • Normal hard disk component failure
  • Physical damage of the hard drive head crash
  • If the hard drive doesn’t spin due to physical damage
  • Having bad sectors on the hard disk caused by wear and tear
  • Any media surface contamination
  • Doing unintentional formatting of partitions
  • Mistakes caused by accidental deletion of hard drive data
  • Acts of nature that cause damage  such as lightning, flood and fire
  • Malicious human sabotage or deletions of files
  • Sudden electrical malfunction that affect hard drive
  • Normal software corruption or   normal hardware failure
  • Failure that affect your RAID system
  • Having a server that is corrupted

We assure you at East African Data Handlers we understand when your data has been lost due to physically damaged drive or mechanical, logical or electrical failures;  our long period of expertise as a data recovery company has helped find solutions and best was to do data recovery service in Kenya using the best and cutting-edge technology. Our office at 3rd floor chiromo court Westlands Kenya  have a state-of-the-art equipment to retrieve your vital business data or personal files quickly and economically.

How It Works

When we receive your hard drive or storage media, our data recovery engineers  assess the data loss situation and carry out a diagnostic report , offer you the best cost quote for the work. Once as a client you accept the quote, our engineers recover your critical data within the guaranteed timeframe. Our pride is always to keep you well informed with regard to the progress of the recovery of your data.

What is data recovery?

By definition:

Data recovery  defined as the process of retrieving deleted or inaccessible data from failed electronic storage media such as computer hard disk drives, removable media, optical devices and tape cartridges. Your data can become inaccessible due to a software problem, computer virus, mechanical or electrical malfunction or a deliberate or malicious human act.

Can my data be recoverable?

At East African Data Handlers  we give you a 98% assurance of recovering your data hence you have a guarantee in many instances your data can be recovered or is recoverable. Just like other mechanical components, hard drives are subject to mechanical failure over time. It is not a question of if, but when.

Common signs of mechanical failure you should never ignore;

  • Ticking
  • Clicking
  • Humming
  • Grinding
  • Buzzing


Whenever the hard drive makes a strange noises, do not continue to power on the drive or attempt DIY software recovery tools as this can result in further damage to your hard drive and quickly lead to permanent data loss!!

Relief: Regardless of the cause of your data loss, our experienced technicians are able to successfully recover lost data 98% of the time.

What are some common signs of media failure?

The following are signs of media failure that vary depending on the device and media type.

  • Clicking, whirring and grinding sounds are particularly serious symptoms
  • Visibly Damaged Electronics
  • Error Messages Indicating Corruption or Unrecognized File Formats
  • Signs of Virus Infection
  • Your  External Hard Drive Does Not Power On
  • Your Computer Does Not Recognize Your Hard Drive

Red Alert:  If you notice any of these symptoms, please turn your computer off immediately and contact East African Data Handlers Data Recovery Services to set up a risk-free media evaluation.

What is the evaluation for Data Recovery process?

Step 1 –

Our engineers will determine whether the problems are physical (hardware), logical (software structures) or both.

Step 2 –

If the determination is physical, we then determine whether the needed parts for repairs are in our extensive inventory or if we will have to source them from our vendors.

Step 3 –

Once we have access to the drive, we will make an absolute sector-by-sector mirror image of your hard disk to our equipment where the process will continue.

Step 4 –

The next step is to evaluate the condition of the data structure & determine how much of the data is salvageable.

Step 5 –

When the evaluation process is completed, we will contact you with the results of the evaluation & tell you exactly where in the original price range your recovery will fall. We will need your approval to proceed from this point.

Why East African Data Handlers Data recovery Services in Kenya

We have experience with every hard drive manufacturer, any types of server failures, Ransomware attacks. We believe that every data recovery services is doable.

Contact us

Call now 0711 051 000 to get direct assistance you can also send an email to info@datarecovery.co.ke

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