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Data Recovery Services

Data is maybe the most important commodity in the digital world. For companies, be it small or large, your existence depends on their different forms of data. Hence, its confidentiality is to be preserved with utmost care. If there comes a situation where your data is lost or hacked, your firm has been compromised. So Data recovering it as early as possible is crucial. The same can be true in case of personal data.

Unfortunately, data recovery is a tedious and difficult process that cannot be performed by a layman. It requires expert technical knowledge and years of experience in the field. The mode of data recovery is different for different types of storage devices. This makes the problem more complicated.

With over 500,000 data recoveries in our credit, Data Handlers Africa Group ltd (DHAG) , is the best data recovery agency in Keniya, Nairobi that you can rely on if such a contingency occurs to you. Our seasoned team of engineers with vast experience in the field is the safest hands that you can trust your data with. We understand your dilemma and are willing to do everything to get the data back to you.

We are a SAS Type II certified company in Keniya, Nairobi that employs the most advanced recovery tools available. Our elite team of engineers, with curring edge tools at their disposal, understands your concern. We make sure that you will have the best chance to Data recover your valuable information.

DHAG has three state-of-the-art laboratories in Kenya solely for the purpose of data recovery. The most sophisticated tools used in these facilities help us to tackle even the most catastrophic situations with much ease. Our company also has ISO 5/ Class 100 cleanroom environments at our disposal to carry out data recovery operations.

There is no better option than DHAG to recover you data quickly and safely. You can trust us, we are the best in Kenya, Nairobi.

Our Expertise in Data Recovery Services In Kenya

•Any laptop, desktop, server, network, RAID, mobile or virtual device•All types of files and operating systems•All causes of data loss

•Physical, virtual and cloud

• 500,000+ data recoveries since 2005• Largest data recovery R&D team in Africa• 1,400+ years of combined experience

• 3 state-of-the-art laboratories and ISO-5/Class 100 cleanroom environments

• SAS 70 Type II certification


Types of Data Recovery Services in Kenya Provided:

Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Its permanent loss is a threat of the past as we have a solution for any damaged data media, including the following:

  • Hard disk drive
  • Raid disk array and server
  • CD or DVD
  • Exchange and Outlook PST Mail
  • Iomega Zip Cartridge
  • Flash drive, just to name a few.

We provide data recovery services in the categories below and much more:

Tape Data Recovery Services

Have you lost your tape drives to dust, moisture, internal cartridge mechanism failure or any such unexpected mishap? Do not worry for our team of engineers at DHAG are experts at fixing such issues. You can leave the tape drive with us and we will figure out a solution to recover your valuable data. We assure you that you won’t regret choosing us.

RAID Data Recovery

RAID array can fail due to a multitude of reasons like the Controller problem, member hard drive failure and so on. However complicated the problem may be, we are there to figure out the solution and recover the data for you. You can trust our team of experienced engineers to find the right solution.

Email Investigation Data Recovery

Emails are not a very safe means of conveying information. They can be hacked and valuable information which is conveyed secretly may reach rival parties who may use it against you. If you are prey to such eavesdropping, we are here to investigate the issue and secure your valuable information from future hackings.

Flash Drive Data Recovery

Flash drives can be places where you store very important data for transferring. But many a time you may face a dilemma as the data becomes corrupted and hence seems to be lost. It can be due to logical corruption or physical corruption. If you are facing such a situation our team at DHAG is here to help. We will recover all your data and ensure that you are satisfied with our service.

Operating System Recovery

It is a possible scenario that data that you stored in your personal computer becomes inaccessible due to operating system failure. The recovery process is aimed at recovering the server to a previous operating state. With vast experience in the field and state-of-the-art laboratories at our disposal, our team of engineers will get the job done quickly.

Database Data Recovery

Recovering data from a corrupt database can be very tricky. Some files and folders may be inaccessible which affects your business enterprise. In such a situation the data should be recovered rapidly before it causes problems for the smooth running of your business. Our SAS 70 Type II certified team of engineers can sort out the problem and recover the data fast.

Encrypted Data Recovery

Data recovery becomes much complicated if it is encrypted. Adding to the difficulty, many companies are reluctant to give their credentials as it is against their company policy. Even under such circumstances DHAG team, with 500,000+ recoveries under our credit, can recover and transfer the data to another drive and provide you with the encrypted data as such.

Server Data Recovery

We understand your frustration when you cannot access your own data from your server. The loss of the data may cause irreparable problems for your firm. But our engineering team has got your back. We are the largest data recovery R&D team in Africa. We will recover your data from the server and provide tips to avoid future occurrences of the issue.

Desktop Data Recovery

Some times hard drive can crash or you can accidentally delete or format your desktop resulting in the loss of data. You may have used some software available online to recover the data without much avail. Before giving up, please consult DHAG. Our technical team, with ISO-5/ Class 100 cleanroom environments at their disposal, will surely recover your data.

Laptop Data Recovery

Your laptop may contain very personal data which is very dear to you. If one day your laptop crashes you can possibly lose all of that. Our technical support team is there to get you through such unprecedented problems. We have 3 best labs in Kenya dedicated for contingencies like this.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard Drives, be it external or internal are made for the purpose of storing data. But some times you may lose some files due to unintentional deletion of a file, formatting the drive and so on. You may find a file with a symbol of a question mark on it or a message from windows showing ‘hard drive not detected’. DHAG experts are there to save the day for events like this. We use our powerful tools and our experience to get your data back to you.

Mobile Data Recovery

Cellphones contain photos, videos, contacts and documents that are very important to you. If somehow your mobile phone stops working one day, you will have a problem. To rectify the issue and recover the data you will the need help of an expert. DHAG team with more than 1400+ years of combined experience will make sure you will get back all the data that you need.

Forgotten Data Password recovery

It is a common occurrence to forget the password of a password-protected document or file. The seriousness of the issue is well understood by our team of engineers. We can unlock the file with our tools and you can access your data freely.

  • Rapid Recovery
  • IT Security
  • Training Disc Recovery
  • Forensic Data Investigation
  • Computer Data Forensic Services
  • Data Conversion
  • Emergency Data Forensics
  • Emergency Data Recovery
  • Forensic Data Hardware
  • File Data Recovery
  • Digital Data Photo Recovery

In data backup, recovery is everything. With this as the ultimate goal, we will ensure that your software solution should deliver maximum:

  • Security
  • Manageability
  • Reliability
  • Affordability

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