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Solid State Drive Recovery.

East Africa Data Handlers Ltd is trusted by the Technology Market in East Africa for the wonderful job in solid-state drives (SSDs) data recovery, we have proven our expertise in recovering inaccessible data  found in  the file SSD drives. To us we can recover data even if the SSD drive crashed or got destroyed (damaged) through a natural disaster.

Solid State Drives Recovery Capabilities.

Our capabilities are in all types of Solid State Drive Recovery: They include;

  • All SATA SSD-  SATA SSDs are the first generation of SSDs.
  • All NVMe SSD. NVMe is a protocol that allows you to reach even higher speeds than with a SATA SSD.
  • All M. 2 SSD connector types:
  • ALL PCIe SSD connector Types.
  • SSD Encrypted
  • SDD Brands from SanDisk, SandForce, Kingston, OWC, OCZ and many others brands

While some data loss scenarios may be unrecoverable, East African Data Handlers has taken lead in SSD recovery success rates, thanks to our close relationship with manufacturers and our continued investment in SSD data recovery research and development on how to retrieve data from SSD hard drives.

Causes of SDD Drive Failure – What Causes Solid State Drives to Stop Working and Fail?

1. Physical Faults with Drive Components

Though a solid state drive doesn’t have any moving parts, which are vulnerable, it still can suffer physical faults with its components. Most of them may come from the manufacturer’s faults. For the solid state drive in poor quality, such as with shoddy manufacture in the soldered parts, it will be more susceptible to break or its connections will be more prone to get oxidized. These symptoms can result in electronic failures in the drive and then render drive failures.

2. Data Corruption within Solid State Drive

Apart from the physical faults, solid state drive can suffer logical issues, such as data corruptions in it. For instance, your data may get infected or corrupted due to viruses, malware or bad sectors in the drive. In this case, data corruption will damage some segments of the solid state drive and finally lead to data loss.

3. Drive Damage from Water or Heavy Blow

A lot of external factors can cause solid state drive failures as well. The top 2 are water and heavy blow respectively. Like traditional hard disk drive, a solid state drive is also prone to such damages. Just imagine it. If you pour any liquids on the drive, its components will surely damage. What’s more, if you drop or knock the drive heavily, the consequences will be quite terrible, too.

4. Short Circuits in Solid State Drive

Different from standard magnetic hard disk drive, solid state drive considerably relies on power in that it is totally made up by electronics. Hence, if a solid state drive suffers power failures, no matter power outages or power surges, the drive will get into the danger of short circuits, which can destroy the data in a flash.

5. Drive Firmware Upgrade Failure

At times, your solid state drive may be required to upgrade its firmware so as to improve its performance. In the upgrade process, you ought to keep cautious all the time. Otherwise, once the firmware upgrade is interrupted or fails for other reasons, the solid state drive will suffer too. It will stop working promptly.

The Loss of Solid State Drive Recovery can be classified into two:

    1. Caused by Mechanical failure – symptoms are the Solid State Drive  stops functioning. This problem is commonly due to motor failures and head failure.
    2. Caused by Logical failure – This is where a Solid State Drive  works but some files are not accessible caused by accidental formatting or even lost partition

Some of the causes of Solid State Drive Recovery ( SDD) Data Loss are;

    • Human error.
    • Power surges.
    • Overwriting.
    • Physical damage.
    • Natural disasters.
    • Viruses.


At East African Data handlers we do evaluation to allow our clients get a comprehensive report before they commit to have their hard drives recovered. Once they approve the evaluation we carry out the recovery work.

What to do when experiencing Solid State Drive Data Loss.

  • Do not try on your own or even through any inexperienced data recovery provider, for this will prevent further damage of your SSD Drive.
  • Reach to our service and we shall be able to help you recover  the Solid State Drive data, we have experienced engineers at East African Data Handlers Ltd.