6 Ways to Protect Yourself From Hackers

6 Ways to Protect Yourself From Hackers

All the information on your phone or devices could be easily be made available to hackers in the area, unless you’ve taken steps to secure and protect your data. Find out how to prevent hackers from accessing your data.

What you need to do to prevent your devices from being hijacked by hackers.

1. Don’t access personal or financial data with public Wi-Fi.

Hackers offer free public internet to install malwares in target devices randomly.

2. Turn off anything you don’t need.

Devices that have been hacked before or have vulnerable application running silently in the background, the hackers use this loopholes to install malicious files, live virus or even do remote access of your device to exploit your data.

3. Choose your apps wisely.

Hackers are have created a habit of cloning genuine application to unsuspecting victims. Before installing any application, ensure it’s legitimate , secure and up-to-date. Always read the reviews from past users experience to see if there are faults faced and vulnerability reports sent.

4. Use a password, lock code or encryption.

A habit to constantly changing your password will help reduce chances of hackers accessing  your devices.

5. Be skeptical about links and attachments.

Before you open any link and downloads or attachments ensure you have scanned  them or any URL is scanned before clicking as hackers use fake links and attachments to redirect victims to their target vulnerable area. In the process they install malwares silently.

6. Trace or erase.

Always remember you can set up your device to lock itself after a pre-set number of failed log-in attempts. This reduces chances of the hackers accessing your data.

Do you suspect you have been hacked or hackers have attacked?

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