The Best Backup and Data Recovery Company in East Africa


Everyone has this questions.  Why Online backup? What am i going to do now that my data is Lost?

Don’t stress East African Data Handlers has  an automatic Package for Online backup!

Best of it all they have the ability to recover  lost  music, videos,e-mails, photos, documents or projects.
If you know you are an account and is in desperate need to recover  your financial records due to corrupt database, our team of engineers can help you just get them back.
East Africa  major towns ( Nairobi, Kampala, Kigali, Dodoma ) have shown us that they need our service to them has given back value to business, statistics have on the same proved that we offer the best services in east Africa for data recovery and now we have embarked in data backup storage as a value added service.

So why  do you loose data?

If you are like me  writing this blog am sure there is a time you never took this serious and just operated with a portable hard disc, flash drive and bragged around of it’s size with your critical data backed inside. What people dont realize is that this devices are prone to physical damage,viruses, crashing, theft,accidental deletion,  fire, , etc.

My take honestly, it takes too much time, money and effort to start from the start when data is lost permanently. Why would you depend on chances when you can depend on factual data backup.

I did a little research and to my surprise the benefits of online backup amazed me. Did you know that you are guaranteed that the  the backed up online information is not lost;
-Even when  your computer is stolen or lost
-Even  when there is a fire disaster that burns down your business or house
-Even  when Virus has destroyed your information

What I have seen am certain is that it doesn’t matter what happens with your data, East African Data Handlers Back up services  team will always give you that peace of mind  knowing your backup is automatically done having its own scheduled time.


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