Network Security Services

Network Security Services

Internet attackers  will  target any IT Network infrastructure of organizations large and small  where they  threaten the reputation and go on to expose the business to other hackers for  a ransomed payment to stop the direct attacks.

As a business the network security policies that are set should be taken very serious.

Factors to consider when  getting a network security service provider.

When selecting a network security service provider,  it’s important  for you to know how they are skilled in;

  • Types of attacks in network security
  • How to improve network security
  • Encryption techniques in network security
  • Understand types of vulnerabilities in network security
  • Network security protocols that exist
  • Keys for network security and how to get network security key
  • What is involved in Network Security when carrying out any forensics in the event of a digital forensics case.

As a business how do you know your Network Security protection is good .

  1.  Having a solution that confirms  a secure  Entrance and exit of end point.
  •  To understanding  any  potential entrance  points for  a network system  attack it may be  complex for a non skilled person hence needs an expert who knows how to enforce a  dedicated resource solution to maintain a  very strong ( robust ) monitoring system  that filters entrance and exit  of data  to secure network endpoints.

     2.  Having a fully integrated solution that protects all the network devices connected.

  • Devices connected to the network and not secured are the gateway ports for external fatal attacks. Having a fully integrated solution that protects all the network devices connected will guarantee a secure network while protect your business from external attacks .  East African Data Handlers  offers  the best  Network and Security Services (NSS)  examination.  We are happy to say this is a comprehensive solution that  will safeguard any network and trigger alerts on detected threats before a breach occurs. This solutions are fully integrated with other NCR solutions, such as Aloha.


Features & Benefits for  having a  good  Network Security Service by East African Data Handlers :

  •  We provide security services to protect your IT infrastructure:  We addressing many office PCI compliance requirements
  • With our team of experts we can  help offer a centrally managed system for endpoint configuration  that would  act as the trigger for  any policies  set up for future attacks  such as strong protection against zero-day attacks
  • With our solution it will help  lower your costs of IT operations by  providing  a robust  and reliable security  having  the  best recommended network connectivity tools
  • While you staff are safe and secure with what they access , it will helps manage their productivity. How ? this is  through internet activity controls that limit employees’ access to only the websites you deem appropriate
  • Leverages the expertise of our managed network and security services rather than utilizing your resources for IT activities
  • Our solution is flexible and will fully integrates across all NCR products and services, which eases deployment and improves the reliability of your overall NCR solution
  • As a client you have a trusted and secure way of accessing systems remotely over the internet
  • With the solution you can manage anti-virus services help to protect your endpoints from malicious software
  • The package we craft  for you will includes strong endpoint protection on any POS systems
  • Our experts will constantly be offering up-to-date security patches distributed to POS systems to help keep critical systems protected
  •  We loop  for you a file monitoring and reporting system to help support PCI DSS compliance requirements
  •  We set up for you a network protection protocol handout that enforces security policies and identifies risks within your internal network
  •  Our system acts a breach assistance program  which will helps cover expenses associated with a cardholder data breach
  • Our solution will monitor all application while whitelisting  those providers that are genuine and  strong malware protection for POS devices by blacklisting unwanted application integrating.

Why East African Data Handlers  should be your Solution Provider for Network Security Services

We  know and understand Network security services are designed to protect internal company infrastructures and connected devices from undesired access, mishandling, and attacks. Network security providers  like  us can offer a comprehensive assessment of network architecture and evaluate the security of internet and intranet connections.
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