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30 Nov

Cloud back up services in Kenya

Cloud back up services in Kenya

Are you looking for Cloud back up services in Kenya  or Cloud Back up Solution in Kenya ? By definition cloud backup is defined as a strategy of sending any copy of a virtual file or a physical or database to a secondary storage, all this is done to an off-site location that will help preserve in the event of an equipment failure or even a catastrophe. This is done in mind to protect data.

To explain a little bit more, this offsite location having the copy of the virtual file or the physical file which has all the database is stored to a secondary storage known as the cloud.  The process of restoring all the data through cloud computing of any information that was created, edited, managed is done remotely over the internet.

Do you know disaster can’t be planned and can strike any time?  A good example is when there is a malware attacks, ransomware attacks, system failure, power outage, floods, fire or even terrorist attacks denying your organization to access data and causes loss of the same data. If you’re organization has  subscribed to our cloud backup services, they will be able to recover their lost data the moment all the restoration functionality is activated which will rollback copies of  the files and the stored data to preferred latest choice of a valid backup performed earlier through a stable internet connection remotely.

At East African Data Handlers  depending on the type of data you have, you can select the optimal type of backup that is needed for your business; we heavily focus on any core business operations with our cost-effective, automated, reliable data storage and backup solution services that are powered by a Tier 3 data center.

To entice you more, we make sure that our data backup solution covers all and is not limited to only files and folders, backup network drives, MySQL databases, Microsoft exchange, Microsoft SQL Outlook Mail and Microsoft SQL.

Our 3 Approach to backup is either;

  • Differential backup
  • Full backup
  • Incremental backup

On a liter note, East African Data Handlers Cloud backup features are best designed in mind to have minimal intervention from our staff support as the dashboard is easy to manage hence save support cost.

Best Features for Cloud Backup Services

  • You Set it and no need to forget it: Our backup agent will do the backup process automatically the way you set your scheduled and submit accurate reports to your emails.
  • Secure and highly data encrypted End to end solution; We make sure your data is safely encrypted both during its motion and even at storage rest.
  • Compatibility merits with any Platform: Our backup agent is cross platform-independent. It can support Windows or Linux environments. You have less worries
  • Speed during deployment and data restoration: Our restoration process gets your systems in minutes to start running as a quick data recovery process. This helps to minimize the cost of downtime.
  • Surveillance is assured to be 24/7 monitoring services: Our team of experts work tireless to monitor all processes while enforcing data safety, it’s integrity and security.
  • After Sale Services and a Dedicated support system: Anytime you need disaster recovery needs done, you can count on us.

Why East African Data Handlers Cloud Back up Services?

  • It’s Safe
  • Fast
  • Simple  and Easy Scheduling Process
  • Quick and Simple Restore Process
  • Can support Group Policy

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17 Mar

Data Disaster Recovery Plan

Data Disaster Recovery Plan

Did you know that no organization looks forward to the day they implement their Data Disaster Recovery Plan. But like any good insurance policy, Data Disaster Recovery Plan is an essential component of business continuity and preservation.

Am sure most people understand that much or have an idea. Where organizations often fall short, however, is the details and preparation. The only thing worse than having no plan at all is not going through the proper research and review prior to the event that takes you offline.

Point of advice , don’t find yourself stuck like the character ” Kamau” as illustrated in the image. Get your facts right! and start the process now while keeping in mind these six, baseline items:

1 – Identify and plan for your most critical assets.

Because of the high resource requirements of a good Data Disaster Recovery Plan, focus only on the processes and applications that are most crucial to your business while you restore normal operations. For many companies, those may be customer-facing applications and systems like e-commerce sites or portals. Applications like email, while important, may take a secondary position, and systems for internal use only – like HR or accounting applications – may fill out a third tier.

2 – Determine RPO/RTO.

The Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is the maximum amount of time your business can tolerate between data backups. If your RPO is one day, that means you can survive losing one day’s worth of data, but no more. Your Recovery Time Objective (RTO), on the other hand, is the target for restoring regular service after the disaster strikes. Neither metric is arbitrary, and you’ll likely have to crunch a lot of numbers and coordinate with virtually every business unit to determine the most accurate objectives.

3 – Scope out the technical mechanics.

The hybrid era of IT, for all its benefits, only makes Data Disaster Recovery Plan planning more difficult. Critical business processes and applications exist in a complex web of interdependencies. You’ll have to map relationships across server, storage and network infrastructure and develop accurate scripts to ensure apps function like they’re supposed to in the recovery environment.

4 – Select an appropriate failover site.

Traditional Data Disaster Recovery Plan requires redundant infrastructure in which to failover. Not only is this pricey, you have to choose a site that makes sense geographically (i.e. – low odds of being affected by same event) and offers an SLA that’s up to your current standards.

5 – Take advantage of the cloud.

For many organizations, designing a robust Data Disaster Recovery Plan is significantly impeded due to extremely high cost and resource requirements. Data Disaster Recovery Plan as a Service (DRaaS), however, is a cloud-based solution that eliminates the heavy capital expense, putting Disaster Recovery within reach of companies unable to acquire the redundant infrastructure needed to restore service. EADH offers a comprehensive DRaaS solution for hosted private cloud customers that includes seamless failover and failback, an RPO within seconds, and an RTO within minutes.

6 – Document, Test, Refine.

This is the hat trick of ensuring effective execution. Each of these components is critical. Your plan needs to be specific and detailed. Plans, procedures, responsibilities and check lists should be clearly documented. You want your team to have clear marching orders and leave little to interpretation in the middle of a crisis.

Call us now and dont be a victim of disaster like Kamau and you are hit when least expecting with a huge cost waiting for you only if he had a Data Disaster Recovery Plan.

Contact us now

If you’ve lost valuable, irreplaceable data   or need Data Recovery Plan for your Oraganisation or business— We can save it! Call us now at +254 711 051 000 or visit our offices Chiromo Court 3rd Floor Westlands, Kenya. Best of it, we have distributed offices all over East Africa and can easily get your device brought to us from anywhere in East Africa.

Also  we have other services in data recovery for various  devices; Hard Drives, Laptops, Desktops, Raid SystemsRAID / NAS / SAN , Servers, Memory Cards, Flash Drives, Databases, SSD Drives etc

East African Data Handlers ltd  no data – no charge policy means you owe us nothing if we are unable to recover your critical files.

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