Ransomware Removal & Recovery

Ransomware Removal & Recovery

What is ransomware?

By definition ransomware is a type of malicious malware/ virus software designed to lock , prevent or deny access to a computer system until a collateral sum of money is paid. Malicious black heart hackers put ransomware virus or malware on your computer – or  the whole business backbone network making it impossible for the staff to access the files until the ransomware is paid to decrypt the files.

What happens with the ransomware ?

The ransomware virus or malware mission is usually to take over the electronic device like your servers, external hard drives, laptops, Desktop computer, locking  you from  access to  any of your  critical personal files, programs and documents.  The disturbing and annoying fact is that all your data are usually present in your computer, but are encrypted – meaning that to restore them you need a decryption key to regain access. The  hackers who create this malicious ransomware programs set a demand ransom in exchange for you to get the decryption key, and this can  put a hefty cost  in tunes of hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Worse scenery also occur when the same hackers would also threaten to broadcast your sensitive information ( could be your little dirty secrets, top private formulas  or may even pretend  manipulate your data to be used against you by a law enforcement agency,. Having all this threats in play they then demand payment of a ‘fine’ rather than a ransom. The key targets are any industry they feel is vulnerable, waiting for at least a small percentage to panic and pay.

Best approach for Ransomware Case

Please once attacked, as experienced consultants in this field, we advice you that it’s important, not to be too quick to pay the hackers for sometimes even if you pay the ransom in full, you are not guaranteed  getting your data returned to you.

Therefore removing the ransomware and get your system files decrypted back safely, you’ll need to find a reliable third-party company  like East African Data Handlers to carry out the ransomware removal  services on your devices. East African  Data Handlers  is a Kenyan-based company with ransomware recovery  tools and skills and, alongside it are numerous  partners who work diligently to regain your  encrypted files, documents and any personal information.

How ransomware attacks impacts your business

It’s something that most business people do not pay attention until they are hit hard. Ransomware poses a serious threat to business’s cyber security as they cause a direct panic and stand still, sometimes like hospital attacks they cause death due to corrupting important life supporting system files programs.

What business could expect  if they become the victim of this sort of Ransomware virus or malware attack:

Loss of critical company data: lacking a proper ransomware removal specialist like East African Data Handlers, this data loss can be permanent and the cybercriminals may expose  valuable and confidential information to the public or even to your potential competitors , then the ramifications are even more severe.

Serious Financial loss: The ransomware attack will critically limit your business’s operations and sales, leading to a potential loss of potential revenues and even customers.

Reputation damage: Just know that any business with very sensitive information like hospitals, government agencies, banks, individual machines with very personal private documents( secrets ) may be exposed and your brand’s , image and reputation be damaged. Here the threat done by the ransomware cybercriminals is to expose client information. For businesses you loose customer in one night , others they shut down, and as for individuals they may face depression which could be suicidal depending on the scandals exposed.

East African Data Handlers ransomware removal services

Dear reader or potential client ,  faced with the worst of the ransomware attack and you find your business’s computer systems under attack by files encrypted – with a message demanding payment – then you need out professional help to get your business back to operation with our ransomware removal services and tools  we have customized to decrypt the locked files.

Do not pay the attackers any money.

Our professional ransomware recovery services that we offer for business in Kenya and Africa are multilayered. Our ransomware removal and data recovery services can assist you in clearing your systems of all malicious viruses and get you back up and running. In many cases, full ransomware data recovery is possible when the right decryption tool is used, the ransom payment is withheld, and the type of malware is correctly identified.

We can also  do VAPT to discover any weak points in your cybersecurity model, to prevent future attacks from happening again. Our network support services, for example, ensure firewalls and software are set up to protect against and recover from a variety of viruses and malware.

Protecting your business against ransomware

Once the ransomware has been removed from your systems (or even if your business has never been the victim of malware, but you’re just looking to be proactive), it’s important to focus on ransomware prevention.

Ransomware prevention and protection

Ransomware prevention and protection is ongoing, and requires constant vigilance to keep your data safe. That’s why we recommend keeping in mind the following to aid in ransomware prevention:

Keep antivirus software for servers and firewalls up-to-date. Ensure backups are performed daily (hourly if your system supports it), are working and are taken off-site.
Apply high-priority Microsoft updates at regular intervals. Educate staff to recognize suspicious websites and emails, thereby ensuring that they do not open them.
Stay up-to-date on the latest phishing and rogue email scams. If you don’t open files that look dangerous, you won’t need to worry about malware.
Incorporate perimeter protection including Unified Threat Management, for inbound and outbound protection.
Power off and disconnect machines – thereafter notifying system administrators – if you suspect infection.
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