These days businesses are being faced with data protection challenges due to threats caused by anything, including ransomware, malware, data breaches, and loss. In a poll conducted in 2021, about half of healthcare IT respondents claimed that phishing was the cause of the biggest security flaws.

Healthcare data is more important than typical corporate data because it powers the systems that keep hospitals and healthcare facilities running, contains potentially life-saving electronic health records, and even resides in the numerous equipment that make healthcare possible. In fact, the healthcare industry had the highest growth in malware assaults on internet-connected devices in the last year, or the “internet of things,” as it’s known.

Ransomware-related Cyber Attacks being a huge contributor to data protection challenges

Ransomware-related Cyber Attacks have increased significantly during the past two years, tripling, or by a staggering 755%. The environment is challenging to manage because of the vulnerabilities in the wide range of technologies used in healthcare settings, including proprietary devices and difficult-to-update older record systems. The global pandemic’s stressors haven’t helped either, making it even more crucial to reduce the dangers of data loss and breach. System administrators and cyber security specialists should remember to “Be prepared” in this situation. The best defense still consists of backups, patching systems, and, of course, consulting specialists when data is at danger.

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