The Black Hole called Social Media

The Black Hole called Social Media
The advancement in Industry 4.0 and Web 2.0 technologies has significantly increased the acceptance of social media platforms and it has become a primary source of socialization. Users actively share their information, create accounts, and get engage in social forms through these sites. As a result, hackers are exposed to various opportunities to exploit user’s account
The following are some types of social media crimes.
1. Hacking social media
2. Photo Morphing social media
3. Offer & Shopping Scams social media
4. Dating Scams social media
5. Cyber bullying social media
6. Link Baiting social media
Social media forensics involves the application of cyber investigation and digital analysis techniques for: Collecting information from social networking platforms such as –Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Storing,
  • Analyzing, and
  • Preserving the information for fighting a case in the court of law
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