Virtual PBX Cloud Services

Virtual PBX Cloud Services

By definition a  virtual PBX cloud services is a business phone system that uses IP (internet protocol) communications. Unlike a traditional phone service, no on-premise phone lines or hardware is required. Virtual PBX solutions can be hosted by the service provider, or deployed in a cloud service.

Welcome to the Cloud EADH Virtual PBX Cloud Services

Dedicated Server

This gives your organization full control over the server(s) including the choice of operating system

Disaster Recovery

In a situation where there are man-made or naturally caused disasters to your servers, the best way to stay up and running is to have a failover mechanism so as to continue normal operations that would otherwise lead to loss to the organization. EADH offers the best disaster recovery services ranging from Cold Backup, Warm Backup, Replication and High Availability.

Virtual Machines

Develop and run all your applications. Free unlimited 1 Gbps data to all Kenyan ISPs


The EADH PABX provides businesses with a “Virtual PABX” service. Businesses do not need to purchase a physical PABX anymore. EADH PABX sits in the Cloud, where businesses can take advantage of all the benefits of the Cloud

Managed Services

EADH has extensive local expertise (in Kenya and East Africa) in deploying Cloud Services. We can help you design and manage your company’s migration to the Cloud in the most hassle-free manner

Are you looking for Virtual PBX Cloud Services in Kenya, do you need to save cost?

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