7 Common IT Problems

Some of the 7 Common IT Problems

Each month ,  at East African Data Handlers we resolve numerous technical data recovery problems that are on either support calls and emails ranging from simple to advanced problems that some result to data recovery . We have compiled the below list  of what we consider to be the top 7 most common computer problems.

List of  7 Common IT Problems are:

1 Installation of Malicious Software (popularly known as Malware):

This problem includes viruses, spyware, adware, trojan horses, worms, rootkits and any other piece of software designed to harm you or your computer without your consent.

2  Experiencing Slow Computer:

Computers are like new homes or apartments; if you don’t make good use of your space and resources they get filled with clutter as time goes by.

3 Internet or Network Connectivity Issues:

One day you are connected but the next day you can’t connect. Nothing has changed and you can’t figure out what to do. Find out why.

4 Dust and Cigarette Smoke:

Computers generate static electrical charges that attract dust and cigarette smoke when present in the environment.

5 Hard Drive Failure:

If you start hearing loud sounds that you were not hearing before, be scared because those sounds could be coming from your hard drive.

6 Dead Power Supply:

When you press the power button and your computer gives no sign of life, and all the lights are absent, then the most likely cause is a power supply failure.

7 Missing CD / DVD Drive:

If your CD/DVD drive disappeared, is not recognized by other applications, or just won’t play or access your CDs or DVDs, you are not alone.

We  recommend to very carefully with all your electronic devices to avoid data loss. But in case your loose your data check below our contacts and our other services we offer.

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