Top 5 Causes of Android Data loss –

Top 5 Causes of Android Data Loss – Android Data Recovery

Android smart phone is one of the most marvelous handheld devices on the planet. It takes pictures, surfs the net and keeps you in touch with all your friends and acquaintances. But, what happens if your marvelous wonder machine loses all your data? Phone numbers that no one bothers to remember anymore or the pictures you just tool of your child’s first steps. It can all be gone in an instant and today we will talk about top 5 causes of Android data loss how you can lost everything.

Cause 1: Upgrade

Many people today are upgrading their Android device

es to the latest Android OS version. Unfortunately, in a number of instances all the personal information is erased after the OS update. This means you have to re-enter everything by hand all over again. This can take many hours and often you will not be able to put it all back as most don’t keep their contacts and phone lists up to date in hard copy.

Cause 2: Theft

You can lose your Android device through a number of mishaps such as dropping it into a lake, river or pond. It could be stolen or it just may fall out of your pocket at the train station, bus stop and checkout counter at your local supermarket.

Cause 3: Human error

Sorry to say most data is lost by accident when someone deletes it by mistake. You mean to delete one item and you chose the wrong one in error. Now you are missing a vital phone number or a special picture that is very precious to you and your memories. This is probably the most common occurrence that cases Android data loss.

Cause 4: Jailbreak

Some attempt to get more out of their Android and they go to see their local Android teachs. These individuals can unlock features that you might never have been aware of before you visit them. However, one of the side effects is that all your data can vanish as a result.

Cause 5: Replacing the battery

Believe it or not, a simple thing such as replacing your battery can cause your Android phone to lose all of your personal information and you have to start all over again as in some instances it resets the Android back to its original factory settings.
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No matter how your Android data was lost or deleted, our technology can scan and recover them for you without any hassle.

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