What causes your computer to lose files?

What causes your computer to lose files?

As you use your computer, beware that you can lose your files at any time. Here are some situations and things that may cause you to lose your file:

Human error:

As a human being, you are bound to make a few mistakes here and there. One way this can occur is through accidental erasure. For example, let’s say you are working on a certain document and you accidentally hit the delete button. When a dialog box appears, you just click ‘OK’ and continue. You may have not noticed but probably you might have deleted a certain folder. It was done mistakenly and you probably did not know what was going on. Such situations happen and in this way you may end up losing your files.
Another way human beings can cause loss of files on your computer is by allowing other people to use your machine without access. They may come and delete some of your files, either deliberately or accidentally.


Viruses are programs written to bring about corruption of files, especially files stored in storage devices like hard disks and USB flash disks. Viruses can be gotten from the internet i.e. by accessing certain sites (especially porn sites), downloading certain free software, email attachments and also from external storage devices that are introduced to your computer . The virus will infect your computer files and thus will become corrupted. This is why in most cases when you look for certain files, they cannot be accessed. They are in a corruptible form. The worst part about computer viruses is that, like their medical counterparts, they replicate to infect many files.

This is one of the reasons why when purchasing a new computer , it is recommended to install anti-virus software to protect your computer against viruses.

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