How to prevent Locky ransomware

How to prevent Locky ransomware

Remember that preventing Locky and extortion-ware like it is simply a matter of user discipline and an awareness of how malware can be contracted. The first consideration for stopping infections is to maintain an up-to-date system. This includes operating system security patches and ensuring that you’re using the latest version of your browser; place browser settings to their highest that still allow access required and warn of hazardous ‘site content. Disallow all add-ons, plugins and extensions. Install a good firewall that will cover ALL routes – including remote and networking connections; set this to disallow communication on Tor and I2P networks (so that if a trojan does gain entry, it cannot communicate and execute), block unauthorized port use. Get the best security software possible that will carry out in-depth scans. For good measure, make backups as regularly as possible to external storage.


The next consideration is settings, or privilege. On a network of any size – family or business – do not use the Administrator log-in for general use, or stay logged-in for longer than necessary in this capacity. It’s safer to give the username/password to everyone who may need it with the instructions to log-off when a task is completed. Allow strictest Admin privileges that still enable the network to function (see the Microsoft website for more detail on this).


The easiest element of prevention is good working practice – though perhaps this is sometimes the most difficult to enforce or adhere to. Bear in mind the delivery routes mentioned above. In the case of the e-mail delivery threat, depending on a system, set ‘mail to highest security. Ensure that all users are aware of the risks of opening unsolicited ‘mail. Disallow ActiveX (macro) function for all Microsoft Office applications. Find a method to filter incoming containing attachments and preview if neccessary by left-clicking and viewing Source in Properties which will supply the body of the text and display any hidden attachments without actually opening the file (DO NOT preview in Print Preview, as this can execute some malware).
Stay organized and up-to-date – don’t let this current threat know your business!


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